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Hygienic Panel Radiator


DIN EN 10130 DC 01 quality cold rolled panel and convector sheet.

Aesthetically designed 33.3 mm pitch water channels.

It is ideal for healthcare facilities, schools, food manufacturers, where hygiene is held on the front plan.

These products which do not have a convector, top cover and side covers are easy to clean.

Standard or Valve Compact production option available.



Each panel radiator is subjected to leakage test.

Test pressure: 13 bar

Maximum work pressure: 10 bar

Maximum operating temperature: 110˚C

Production according to TS EN 442 standards.


High corrosion resistance with nano-technological surface treatment.

Eco-friendly water-based primer and RAL 9016 epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint.


Panel radiators whose painting operation is completed are prepared in accordance with the transportation and storage conditions in automatic packaging line. Damage to the back bracket is prevented by the plastic protector and the radiator side covers are covered with cardboard covers.

Mounting accessories consisting of L-Console, blind plug, purge plug, dowel, clip, trifon screw are included in the package as standard.


4 x G ½” connection

6 x G ½” connection

8 x G ½” connection