About Us

PEKSA A.S. whose foundations were laid by the deceased SAMİ PEKGÜZEL in 1965, has been continuing its activities by developing day by day since its establishment.

When we look at the path we have taken from the past to the present, a proud picture emerges for our company and our country. By keeping up with the change with the developing technology, it has become one of the five largest companies in Turkey in the panel radiator production sector and has become one of the successful companies that have made its name known worldwide.

PEKSA Group is a kind of a bridge connecting past to the future thanks to the determination and labour of every individual person who works under this roof. It became a world’s leading brand by way of connecting past experiences with future technology and with the help of taking firm steps further.




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PEKSA A.S. established in Aydın, in the province of Çine, and starting to manufacture; chilled iron, doors, windows and various steel constructions.


Moving to Aydın Industrial zone and starting the production of sheet metal cutting, bending,structural shapes,steel shelves,bunk beds and cabinets.


Carrying out the projects of the state supply Office and credit dormitories instutition.


After establishing Menderes Toprak San ve Tic A.S. started to produce bricks.


Started to produce metal furniture, tables and chairs.


As a branch of Peksa Group of Companies,Pekpan Insaat Turizm Tic.Ltd. İntiating the production of first panel Radiator (1997) area 7500m² in Aydin İndustrial Zone.


Increasing the capacity of the second panel radiator production facility established in the area of 45.500 m² in Aydin Industrial Zone and started to manufacture in fully automatic welding line of LEAS which is Italian origin.


LEASLaunch of second welding line of LEAS which is Italian origin.


Capacity increase with additional investment made in LEAS welding line which is Italian origin.


LEAS Launch of the third welding line with the new investment, the total factory area will be increased to 70.000 m²


Establishment of the second Power & Free Dyeing and Packing Plant.
Completion of modernization work on welding lines.

Today, PEKSA Group of Companies has reached a production capacity of more than 2.8 million meters with its world-renowned fully automatic modern machinery and equipment. Our company has become a pioneer in the sector as one of the five largest panel radiator manufacturers in Turkey, with its most valuable asset, trained manpower.


PEKSA A.S. In addition to ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system certificates, internationally recognized accreditations such as TSE, CE, EN 442, GOST-R, UKR-SEPRO. Peksa A.S has proven its quality with its exports to more than 45 countries and has gained a respectable place in the sector in a short time.