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Ventil Compact Panel Radiator

Ventil Compact product range; by connecting the radiators to the installation from the ground, gives an aesthetic appearance as well as an efficient and economical heating.

* DIN EN 10130 DC 01 quality cold rolled panel and convector sheet

* Aesthetically designed 33.3 mm pitch water channels.

* Large convector surface area and maximum thermal power.

The connection direction is produced in such a way that can be mounted right, left or center according to the installation.

There is a no back bracket welded option for double-sided usage flexibility.

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Ventil Compact Panel Radiators are manufactured from DC01 cold rolled steel sheet in accordance with EN 10130 & EN 10131. Panel sheets are shaped in fully automatic, computer-controlled LEAS production lines. After the welding process is completed, they are tested one by one in automatic testing pools at 13 bars and delivered for painting and packaging processes. After the painting and packaging processes are completed on automated lines, the products are stacked on pallets by robots. 

Ventil compact panel radiators are designed for installation in central heating systems of buildings with a maximum working pressure of 10 bars, using water as heating with the highest allowed operating temperature of 110 °C. 
The radiators must be professionally installed into the hot water heating systems according to Instruction Manual to protect against damage caused by corrosion and limescale. 

Ventil Compact panel radiators are processed in 3 stages in the painting line according to DIN 55900 standards. After passing through the first stages of the welding line, unpainted radiators are subjected to the surface treatment.
This process consists of the following stages:
*Nano-technological surface treatment
*Ecological water-based wet paint
*Epoxy polyester electrostatic powder paint RAL 9016

Pekpan Panel Radiators are resistant to corrosion and impacts.

Painted panel radiators are prepared in accordance with the transportation and storage conditions in the automatic packaging line.

Ventil Compact panel radiators are placed horizontally on wooden pallets and tied with polyester tape to prevent uncontrolled movement during storage and transportation.

6 x G ½” Connection

8 x G ½” Connection