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Pekpan Inc. In line with its values and deep-rooted corporate culture, it evaluates fairly in all Human Resources processes, with the capability required by the job and the potentials with performances of its employees.

Pekpan İnc; The Goal of Human Resources Management is to develop and implement human resources strategies that create value to achieve the company's vision and business results.

To be the most preferred company with its innovative and sustainable Human Resource; that practices a highly motivated corporate culture which values its employees. Professional environment where our employees can use and develop their talents and skills.  We aim to provide a work and living environment where employees can be happy and participate in mutual trust and communication.

Pekpan İnc.Our Human Resources Vision; By aiming to create a working environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees, to ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the biggest factor in the continuous success of our company, by improving the knowledge, skills and competencies of our employees; To be the most preferred company that respects the laws by revealing its potential and to maintain this position.