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Pekpan Inc. In line with its values and deep-rooted corporate culture, it evaluates fairly in all Human Resources processes, with the capability required by the job and the potentials with performances of its employees.

Pekpan Inc; The Goal of Human Resources Management is to develop and implement human resources strategies that create value to achieve the company's vision and business results.

To be the most preferred company with its innovative and sustainable Human Resource; that practices a highly motivated corporate culture which values its employees. Professional environment where our employees can use and develop their talents and skills. We aim to provide a work and living environment where employees can be happy and participate in mutual trust and communication.

Pekpan Inc.Our Human Resources Vision; By aiming to create a working environment that gives excitement and pride to our employees, to ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the biggest factor in the continuous success of our company, by improving the knowledge, skills and competencies of our employees; To be the most preferred company that respects the laws by revealing its potential and to maintain this position.

We strive to ensure that everyone in our workplace feels that their culture, identity and experiences are valued. We encourage all our employees to express themselves fully, regardless of age, gender, nationality or cultural differences.

In this journey, we, as Pekpan Inc., focus on strategic elements such as increasing the motivation of employees, spreading the understanding of corporate responsibility and creating innovative solutions, strengthening our relationships and moving forward with determination to build a future within the framework of business ethics and ethical rules. We strive to strengthen the foundation of the practices we adopt and implement every day, and to create a fairer and more transparent working environment for our employees. Here are some of our practices;

  • Equal recruitment and promotion opportunities: Pekpan Inc. adopts a fair approach in the recruitment process and provides equal opportunities in the career development of its employees. Talent and performance are evaluated based on objective criteria, not on gender, race or other discriminatory factors.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Pekpan Inc. views diversity as an asset and provides various programmes and training to create an inclusive work environment. Different cultures and lifestyles are respected.
  • Human Rights Training: Pekpan Inc. provides human rights training to all employees. These trainings aim to identify and prevent discrimination and protect human rights.
  • Fair wages and working conditions: Pekpan Inc. offers its employees fair wages and favourable working conditions. Special attention is given to occupational health and safety issues and continuous improvements are made in these areas.

Human rights are a fundamental value of the business world and require a fair and equitable approach. All companies, such as Pekpan Inc., must continuously review and improve their policies and practices to protect these values and ensure the rights of employees. These efforts should be adopted by the entire business community and should be based on respect for human rights.